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Sports Injuries - Information About Chiropractic Treatment

Sports Injuries And Treatment 

Sports injuries mainly occur in the limbs. The joints here are similar in their structure (and their function) to spinal joints and therefore chiropractors are appropriately trained to assess, diagnose and treat sports injuries problems in these areas.

As well as having many years experience treating these types of injuries, Dr Boyd undertook further training in 2017 in order to learn additional manipulative & rehab techniques to manage conditions of the extremities.

The most common sports injuries seen at this clinic include:

– Shoulder pain, due to various reasons such as rotator cuff problems, frozen shoulder, tendonitis, and arthritic changes
– Tennis/Golfers elbow
– Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
– Hip disorders, including arthritic pain
– Knee pain
– Foot problems


Our clinic director, Dr Richard Boyd DC MSc, is a very keen athlete himself, having competed in rowing, powerlifting and boxing in the past.


He is therefore very understanding of sports injury problems and will be able to give you guidance, and chiropractic care (if appropriate), in recovering from your sports injuries.

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