Meet Dorking Chiropractor Dr Richard Boyd DC MSc of Balanced Chiropractic

Hello, my name is Richard Boyd, and my professional education consists of a BSc (Human Anatomy) from Dundee University, before going on to study at the University of Surrey for my MSc (Chiropractic). I graduated in 2004 at the age of 26, and took up my role as an Associate Doctor of Chiropractic, in Dorking, Surrey. In 2007, after building a loyal patient base, I decided I rather liked Dorking and decided to take over the practice from my predecessor – and Balanced Chiropractic was born!

I thoroughly enjoy my job, and being good at it gives me great satisfaction. I have been established in Dorking now for many years and truly feel part of the community. My strengths as a chiropractor, I would say, would be a happy and positive demeanour, which helps put patients at ease, helps to make me approachable, and therefore assists in building a strong foundation of trust. I would add that I always do my best to treat my patients well and with as little treatment as possible – in order to stimulate the body’s own healing mechanisms. I believe in an individualised treatment approach and so I do not offer generic one-size-fits-all treatment ‘packages’. They actually annoy me!

My biggest strength is confidence. For that I draw on 14 years’ experience to date. I think that is what gives me the greatest satisfaction – having the confidence to listen to one’s instincts and ultimately achieve positive treatment outcomes, and just take joy in the fact that I (on my own, with no drugs or surgery) have helped someone get back on their feet again…

Finally, at my clinic, I believe in maintaining a good state of health. Yes treatment is over for many people once the pain is gone. But, myself (and I encourage others) – I see my chiropractor for an ‘MOT’ every couple of months, to maintain a healthy spine and thus offset ‘normal’ degenerative changes. This can be taken up at any age.

I also believe in regular exercise and good nutrition and I am happy to offer on opinion in these subjects to anyone who might be interested. I myself have always lifted weights. At 15, I was Ulster Junior Powerlifting Champion and in 2014 I competed in Strongman, as you can see from the pictures!! These days, as I approach 40, I just lift to maintain a certain standard of shape and I am more interested in health & longevity…

Thank you for reading about me.