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Testimonials of Dr Richard Boyd

I first saw Richard in 2008 when I was experiencing continuing lower back pain which was preventing me from participating in regular sporting activities. After diagnosis and treatment, I recovered fully, returned to regular mountain biking and am now in training to run my second marathon in two years.

~ G. M.

When I first came to Dr. Boyd, I was preparing to have an operation to find the cause of my lower back and leg pain which was assumed to be related to endometriosis. However, after two weeks of seeing Dr. Boyd, my lower back and leg pain was virtually gone. I was able to cancel this very invasive and unnecessary surgery and have been healthy for the past two years.

~ A. Hall

I came to Richard in total pain. Within four visits, I was 100% better, money well spent and the advice given is invaluable. Thank-you Richard.

~ Paul Dodson

I wish to convey my thanks to Dr Richard Boyd for diagnosing my condition as this undoubtedly alerted my GP to treating my condition somewhat earlier than otherwise might have been the case.

~ Mr. Green

Richard Boyd is extremely professional; add his Irish charm and you have a winning combination. He has kept me moving in my twilight years, when, before seeing him on a decreasingly regular basis, I was often in agony with my back twisted out of shape and my hip thrown to one side. That was the worst pain imaginable and I have not had a recurrence in several years now.

~ R.W.

I came to Richard with a very bad back and shoulders. After the first session I felt instantly better. After another 2-3 I felt good as new again. There is always friendly staff and Richard is very welcoming and always seems to remember each patient, which is lovely!

~ Myra

Physicians should always be well-kempt, honest, calm, understanding, and serious.

~ Hippocrates, 460BC-370BC
Known as 'The Father of Modern Medicine'

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